The specialist

in hyperbaric and medical gases

Supplies hyperbaric chambers for:

  • — Hospitals
  • — Armies (national and foreign)
  • — Tunnelling
  • — Electric cables tests
  • — Oil research
  • — Industrial diving
  • — Animal therapeutics


TECH PLUS has since 1988 specialised in the research, design, creation, installation and maintenance of hyperbaric oxygen treatment chambers, tunnel borer airlocks and hyperbaric chambers for animals, as well as in expert assessment and training in the use of this equipment.

TECH PLUS also offers hyperbaric chambers for lease and provides training for dedicated staff. Our company has operations both in France and abroad.

Hyperbaric chamber supplies for

  • Hospitals
  • The military
    (local and foreign)
  • Tunnel borers
  • Electrical cable pressure tests
  • Oil exploration
  • Industrial diving
  • Animal therapy
Tech Plus also provides the installation of medical gas systems.

Legal obligations:

Tech Plus:

  • — Applies a Quality Assurance system on all its services.
  • — Holds the ISO 9001 certification.

Technical achievements by European standards:

  • — The medical CE marking
  • — The IMCA standards
  • — EN 13445
  • — EN 12110

Services offered

General principles:
  • — Oxygen therapy (O2T) is a medical technique consisting of the administration by respiratory route of pure oxygen or oxygen mixed with vector gases (helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide), at 1.3 to 3 times the absolute atmospheric pressure (ATA).
  • — The patient is placed in an airtight chamber connected to a hyperbaric unit.
  • — The inhaled oxygen dissolves in the blood.
  • — Plasma transports oxygen to the organs for enhanced distribution in body tissue.
  • — O2T is administered in sessions, for variable durations and at variable pressures according to treatment indications and depending on the hyperbaric centre used.
  • — O2T is used in many pathologies (decompression accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning, gas embolism, necrotising soft tissue infections, chronic refractory osteomyelitis, second-degree burns, radiation-induced injuries, intracranial abscesses, crushed limbs, delayed wound healing, Neuroblastomas, Sudden hearing loss, etc.).

Here is a 3D model

of the TECH PLUS hyberaric chamber

  • — Chamber for chronic conditions
  • — Staff airlock
  • — Emergency chamber
  • Length: 12000mm
  • Diameter: 3000mm
  • Operating pressure: 5 bars

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3D model


A hyperbaric chamber is a pressurised enclosure with a capacity for one or more persons, used for the purpose of medical treatment. There are two kinds of treatment chambers:
- Monoplace chambers, with a single compartment for a single patient, with the main chamber being accessible by medical personnel via a staff airlock.
- Multiplace chambers, with two or more compartments, enabling access of staff, patients and equipment while maintaining the pressure in the main enclosure.

Hyperbaric installation


  • — Premises for the hyperbaric unit
  • — Hyperbaric systems with associated fixtures (sub-assemblies)
  • — Maintenance equipment (gas and power supplies)
  • — Technical and medical personnel
  • — Specific administrative arrangements

Hyperbaric Center:

  • — This is a medical facility that delivers oxygen and other medical gases for patients and provides targeted monitoring and attention.
  • — The hyperbaric medical centre must be located in a hospital or in functional proximity to one.

Foldable chamber : Oracle

Autonomous multiplaces and mobile hyperbaric unit

Military, professional and scuba diving sports exposes the diver at the risk of a decompression accident. The management of this type of accident is based on an early recompression and hyperbaric oxygenation, performed inside a hyperbaric chamber.

The general ergonomics and design of ORACLE® are intended for a usage in close proximity to a submarine work site in professional diving or in isolated theaters of military diving operations. In can also be used in sports and recreational diving. ORACLE® is an innovative system that allows the support of a diver suffering from a decompression accident. It is characterized by:
  • — a flexible, foldable and transportable hyperbaric chamber,
  • — an interior space and a conception designed to accommodate an accidented diver and a doctor,
  • — a reduced size in use and storage configuration,
  • — a simplicity in its implementation and deployment,
  • — a reduced weight and volume compared to existing hyperbaric systems.

The military

Hyperbaric chambers for military use

We provide the various branches of the military with hyperbaric chambers on the basis of the competency of French military experts, recognised in the area of regulatory instruction and standards in hyperbaric medicine.

The hyperbaric treatments are intended for:

  • — Bomb disposal divers
  • — Combat divers
  • — Military personnel
  • — Any person involved in the oxygen therapy treatment process.
The setup of fixed or mobile hyperbaric systems for the military covers diver safety and technical infrastructures.

Tech Plus provides transportation for the equipment and also organises and trains the personnel involved in standard and emergency procedures.


mobile hyperbaric chambers

Housed within a 20-foot container, the hyperbaric chamber for lease is a mobile facility for treating medical issues related to diving.

  • Mechanical functions (principle of equal pressure)
    • — Autoclaves doors
    • — Medicine airlock (on the chamber)
  • Pneumatic functions
    • — HP pressurisation of chamber / airlock
    • — Chamber / airlock exhaust system
    • — External discharge of CO2 through the discharge valve situated in the chamber and in the airlock.
  • Electrical functions
    • — Illumination of the chamber and airlock (cool light)
    • — Intercommunication systems
    • — Inverter.
  • Mechanical features

    Pressure: 5 bars
    Pressure increases restricted by a safety valve on the main chamber.
    — Manipulation by means of 4 jacking points arranged on the top of the 20-feet container.

  • Pneumatic features
    • Airtightness is achieved by means of:
    • — O-rings on the doors and the viewing windows
    • — Taper threads for the bushings on the pneumatic partitions
    • — The main chamber and the airlock have pressure gauges
    • — An oxygen analyser is also installed on the outside of the chamber.
  • Hydraulic features

    — The fire protection system requires flooding the chamber with water, at a pressure higher than that inside the chamber. The water can be pumped either into the main chamber or into the airlock.
    — Storage of gases in B50 cylinders with a capacity of 10 m3 / 200 bars: Air, Oxygen, Heliox or Nitrox.

Tunnel borers

Tunnel borer airlocks

A tunnel borer is a civil engineering machine used to drill tunnels or various galleries by digging through geological layers.

The soil obtained from digging into the ground is deposited between the area to be dug and the shield (generally 2 metres). It is extracted by a continuous flight auger which decompresses it, so that it can be removed from the already dug gallery.

The extracted soil is then replaced with compressed air.

A hyperbaric airlock, fitted to the shied, can be used to compress a team of hyperbaric chamber technicians. When the pressure equalises, these personnel can then enter the excavation area to inspect, change or repair the cutting wheel parts.

During this time interval, the chamber technicians are subjected to breathing compressed air. They must then exit the airlock while observing to decompression schedules.

In manufacturing a tunnel borer airlock, TECH PLUS commissions inspection bodies to check the design briefs and perform a validation of the hydraulic tests, in compliance with European directive 97/23 CE.

The hyperbaric airlocks for tunnel borers comply with the CE 12110 European standard and the EN 13445 international standard.